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Dental Health & Wellness Q&A With Dr. Jenine Arab O’Malley


In the latest issue of Real Style Magazine, Dr.Jenine Arab O’Malley the founder of the Halifax Dental Studio answers some of the most frequently asked dental questions.


Q: What are some easy things people can do to improve the look of their teeth?

A: One of the most noticeable things about your smile and likely the easiest thing to fix is the color. Typically the first thing I would recommend to someone is bleaching. If teeth are not aligned or there is rotation present, an orthodontic retainer or aligners can often reposition teeth in as short as six months. Cosmetic bonding is a very useful tool to correct not only shape and size of teeth, but also color, alignment, and unwanted spacing. It is painless, can be done in one visit, and requires no tooth preparation.


Q: What is the connection between the health of your mouth and the health of your body?

A: Poor oral health can result in tooth decay and periodontal disease, both of which can cause premature tooth loss if they go unaddressed. This will not only affect effective chewing and digestion of food, but can also cause TMJ pain. More serious implications of poor oral health include cardiovascular disease (increased risks of stoke, heart attack, bacterial endocarditis), dementia (development of Alzheimer’s disease), respiratory infections and diabetic complications. Furthermore, the appearance of your smile generally has tremendous impact on your confidence, self-esteem, and general well-being. Your oral health is strongly associated with your mental health, which can be the root of a wide array of many other health issues.


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