Beauty Interview

Nudestix Founder Taylor Frankel Talks Beauty Success

In the latest issue of Real Style Magazine, we chat with the founder of breakout beauty brand Nudestix. Read an excerpt below.


Think back to where you were in life at age 17. Many of us were working part time jobs in retail, perhaps saving up enough for post-secondary studies- and the occasional splurge item. When Taylor Frankel was 17, she was already heading her own beauty empire. Today, the young Canadian makeup guru is 21 years old and the co-founder of successful homegrown cosmetics company Nudestix, in partnership with her 19-year-old sister, Ally.

When we speak to Frankel on the phone, the jetsetter has just returned from Asia and is preparing for her next big beauty takeover in the U.K. She takes a moment to recall where Nudestix all began. She points to her chemical engineer mom, Jenny, as the kick-starter of the company. Frankel explains that her mother initially started her beauty career with fellow Canadian brand M.A.C. and then ventured off into the world of Cover FX. When exploring her daughter’s lives through social media, Jenny saw a blank space staring back at her. While Frankel and her sister followed lifestyle brands, their interest was few and far between when it came to must-wear makeup brands.

Launching Nudestix as a teenager, Frankel refers to her age as being the largest battle to overcome. However, she credits her mother for instilling her with one essential ingredient, confidence.


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