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Duck Nails Are Back For Fall/Winter 2017

Photo: lithiacat on Instagram 

Although the trend of duck shaped nails may instantly bring the 1970s back to mind, this retro manicure is quickly stealing the spotlight this season. For anyone who is tired of modern day nail art, the duck nail just may be your beauty solution. Named for its shape, which mimics the appearance of a duck’s foot, the duck nail is making a grand appearance on social media. 

On Instagram, the manicure trend is making waves, with all variations of colour and adornment. Just in time for holiday party season, the duck nail can help you refresh your classic, typical talons. If you prefer simplicity and minimalism, try turning to the French manicure look for your inspiration. White tips and pale pink polish can look just as elegant when applied to a nail which starts off broad and then then turns inward.

Photo: nailtech11 on Instagram 

Of course, glitter and metallic detail can bring your nails to life. If you’re craving drama and excitement, try oversized nail gems and tiny faux crystals. The look of nail baubles and bling can instantly turn your mood festive and fun, and usher in the season of joy and celebration. However you decide to play, experimenting with duck nails just might help to brighten your holidays.