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Canadian Hairstylist Tony Ricci On His Contessa Win And Dream Celebrity Client


In November, the annual Contessas took place at Toronto’s Westin Harbour Castle Hotel, and awarded outstanding talent in the world of Canadian beauty. This year, master hairstylist and salon owner Tony Ricci was officially titled Canadian Hairstylist of the Year. The seasoned hair professional, who was born in Italy and is based in Edmonton, Alberta, opened his salon in 1994.

Real Style caught up with Ricci about his dream celebrity client, key hairstyles for Fall/Winter 2016 and his surprising secret to conquering a bad hair day.


Real Style: How does it feel to win a Contessa for Canadian Hairstylist of the Year?

Tony: It’s an amazing feeling to be recognized as Canadian Hairstylist of the Year. Submitting my work and being nominated among such amazing talented hairstylists is truly a dream come true.

Real Style: What originally inspired you to pursue hair design?

Tony: I fell into it by chance, but I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

Real Style: Do you have any dream celebrity clients whose hair you would love to style?

Tony: Yes, I would love to style Jennifer Lopez’s hair. I think she is one of the most naturally beautiful women and it looks like she has a beautiful head of hair.

Real Style: What are your favourite hair trends for Fall/Winter 2016?

Tony: For fall, I love the long curls that are coming in. I also love the colours, still seeing the soft darker roots and moving into lighter pastel shades on the ends.

Real Style: Describe your best tricks for overcoming a bad hair day.

Tony: The ponytail is one of the easiest styles to create and it looks amazing!