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Rock Opalescent Nails This Holiday Season


Photo: ashleylovesnails on Instagram 

While luminous and shimmering opal nails may have made a splash earlier this year, opalescent nails are a more toned down alternative to this sparkling nail trend. Unlike the opal nail, which features a glimmering surface reminiscent of a gemstone, opalescent nails are demure and soft.

With just the faintest hint of sparkle to illuminate the fingertips, the opal manicure often makes an appearance with pale pink, white and silvery grey shades. In fact, pastel-toned opalescent polish can be used to create the look. While some beauty addicts are embracing long talons and glittering nail art, others are channelling minimalism with shorter tips and soft, pearly hues.

As the holiday season approaches, opalescent nails are a perfect fit for all your holiday parties. Whether you’re combining your nail look with matching shimmery makeup or sticking to a fresh-faced and glowing visage, opalescent nails are the way to go. Here’s a closer look at this emerging trend, which has been taking Instagram by storm.


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