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CND Expert Jennifer Mather Talks Fall 2016’s Hottest Nail Trends


Photo: fgitoronto on Instagram 

With Fall 2016 in full force, autumn manicures are currently making a statement with their enriched, deep colours. Whether you’re drawing your inspiration directly from the runways or experimenting with nail art, the season’s colours range from soft silvers to darker blues. Regardless of your choice of colour, taking care of your tips is also an essential beauty move as the weather begins to transition.

This season, Real Style caught up with CND education ambassador Jennifer Mather at Fashion Group International’s Trend Forecasting event in Toronto. The Toronto-based nail expert began her career in 1993, and quickly became a regular backstage at the New York Fashion Week shows. Mather discussed the season’s colour trends, her personal favourite nail polish shades and her best kept tricks for healthy and nourished talons.


Photo: cndcanada on Instagram 

Real Style: What are some trendy nail polish colours for Fall 2016?

Jennifer: CND’s Fall/Winter collection is called Craft Culture. It was really inspired by artisans. The colours start with Denim Patch, Hand Fired (which is a rich orange), Ember Metallic and Brick Knit (which is that definite brick colour in a beautiful cream finish).

Real Style: Do you have any favourite nail looks for this season?

Jennifer: Patina Buckle, which is one of the colours in our Craft Culture collection, is a really strong raspberry but has the most beautiful iridescence to it. It really transforms as you move your hand in the light. I think it’s the dimension and depth in the colour that I love so much.

Real Style: What are your best tips for caring your nails during the colder months?

Jennifer: The three C’s for sure- care, condition and coat! It doesn’t matter what you’re coating them with, even if it’s just polish, having that coating does give you that little bit of extra strength. One of the things that I recommend the most is if you’re wearing natural nails, our RescueRxx Treatment. That treatment actually leaves a keratin deposit on the nail, so it helps to strengthen and stop peeling and chipping.

If you’re a shellac wearer or enhancement wearer, another option would be CND SolarOil. SolarOil is a synergy of four oils that work together to keep the nail and surrounding skin conditioned at all times. Using it on top of your enhancement, polish or shellac just makes all of those coats even stronger. It keeps the nails soft and flexible underneath, for truly healthy nails.