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Galaxy Makeup Hits The Universe As A Crazy New Beauty Trend


Photo: yaelahbro on Instagram 

With Halloween rapidly approaching, beauty lovers continue to search for the most eccentric and over-the-top looks to suit the spooky spirit in the air. Whether you’re brave enough to embrace knifeliner or looking for an extra dose of sparkle, All Hallows’ Eve is an opportunity to experiment with beauty.

As the latest trend to hit the universe (pun intended), galaxy makeup can truly be spotted from another world. Much like its close cousin galaxy freckles, this shimmering makeup trend involves bright pops of blue and purple makeup. However, instead of simple faux freckles, galaxy makeup also highlights the eyes and cheeks.

From eyes rimmed in lavender and periwinkle to sculpted magenta cheeks, galaxy makeup can easily be embraced as a Halloween beauty trend. If you’re trying out this trend just in time for the 31st, try pairing your galaxy-hued visage with shimmery pink lips and luxurious eyelashes. As you hunt for galaxy-themed inspiration, here’s a closer look at key examples of this trend from Instagram.


Photo: openmindfreesoul on Instagram 


Photo: lolo_hime on Instagram 

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