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Copy Alicia Vikander’s Sleek Bun From “Jason Bourne”


Photo: IMDB 

With Jason Bourne officially hitting theatres today, Alicia Vikander stars in the fifth Jason Bourne film as leading lady Heather Lee. The gorgeous 27-year-old Swedish actress plays a CIA agent, who stars opposite Matt Damon as Bourne. In the film, Vikander stuns with her natural beauty and her flawless updo. If you’re looking to keep your locks away from your visage this weekend, draw your hairstyling cues from the star and get her look in a few steps.

1) Start off by pulling your locks into a medium ponytail: To launch your hairstyle on a flawless note, begin by carefully pulling your hair into a mid height ponytail. Next, roll the ponytail under and transform it into a medium height bun.

2) Use your fingers to create texture: Once you’ve crafted the perfect upswept hairstyle, create natural-looking texture using your fingers. Adjust any stray flyaway strands and loosen the strands near the base of your ponytail, in order to offer the look of volume and subtly texturized locks. Pull a few loose pieces out of your bun if needed.

3) Carefully pin strands from underneath your hairdo: In order to bring your style to the next level, secure strands from under your bun with a few strategically placed bobby pins. For a finishing touch, push any unwanted strands into place and enjoy your effortlessly chic new look.