Things To Do To Get Your Yard Ready Before Snow Starts To Fall

Steps to get your yard ready for winter.

On one hand you might be wondering ‘isn’t it a little early to start thinking about snow?’, but depending on where you live in Canada it might be on its way already. Even if it’s not, with temperatures already starting to trend on the cooler side, some of these steps are ones you will want to take before it gets too cold. You’ll be glad you’ve taken them too, so your yard and garden are ready for the long cold winter. Here are some of the things you need to do to get your yard ready before the snow arrives.

Mow, Aerate and Fertilize Your Lawn

Many people believe that once the summer is over you don’t need to cut your grass any longer, but that’s not true. You should be mowing your lawn right up until the ground freezes. Your final mowing should get the grass to the minimum recommended height for your variety of grass too, which will help reduce possible fungus problems the following year. Not only should you mow it though, but aerating it will help your grass grow better in the Spring, as will fertilizing it. Using a lower amount of nitrogen, and more potassium, will help your grass survive the winter too. Don’t forget to rake away the leaves as well, no matter how much you don’t like doing it.

Protect Potted Plants

Perennials in pots can be beautiful around your yard and patio during the warm months, but the winter can be hazardous to them. Add extra insulation to the pots, such a mulch, and move them to sunny spots. If you keep houseplants outdoors, move them inside before it gets too cold outside. They will need to be near a window, and make sure to avoid over-watering them.

Prepare Your Garden

After you’ve harvested everything from your garden, it’s time to pull out all of the seasonal garden plants and toss them in the compost. This includes your annual flowers. Adding a little lime or composted manure can help as well. For the plants that are remaining, add a layer of straw or leaves around them to protect them from the colder weather.

Look After Your Trees

Start by pruning your trees before the snow arrives. By removing deadwood, you will help your trees be healthier in the spring. If you’ve got some smaller seedlings, or shrubs, you should wrap them to protect them from the elements and any bugs that may damage them during colder weather. You should also make sure to give them a really good watering. During the winter thaw you can also make sure to give them a good drink as well.

Control Weeds

We all have them, but what a lot of people don’t know is that in the fall they are easier to control. Weeds are like any plant, and during the fall they save up energy and nutrients for a long winter, which means that spraying for them in the fall will have a stronger effect on them. Fall is also a good time to spray for moss.