7 Easy Spring-Cleaning Tips

Spring is associated with many things, rain, blooming flowers, warmer weather, lighter clothes, and yes, the dreaded spring cleaning. It doesn’t have to be a chore however, and it doesn’t even have to be expensive. There are plenty of budget-friendly ways you can clean up and organize your home for the new season. All you need is a little time and determination, and the seven tips listed below.

Clean Out The Fridge

Until you start looking, you wouldn’t believe how much expired food you’ve accumulated over the last year. From condiments, to soda and juices, and left-overs you completely forgot about in the Tupperware container hidden way at the back, you probably have a lot more room in your fridge than you think. Toss out what you can, rise out your drawers, and give everything a good wipe down. This goes for your freezer too. You can also invest in plastic kitchen organizers so your food stacks better and stores easier.

Organize Your Cupboards

Your fridge isn’t the only thing in your kitchen that needs a good cleaning. Your cupboards have more than likely attracted its fair share of old cereal boxes, chips, crackers, and spices. Throw out the ones that have expired, and invest in a lazy susan so you can see things easier. While going through it all, use a wet cloth to give it a good cleaning too.

Invest in Plastic Storage Containers

Every dollar store, IKEA and Canadian Tire has a row of plastic containers that are perfect for storing all the small things you can’t simply part with.  Not only are these bins durable, but they can easily slide under your bed or couch, hidden away from the world to see, instead of piled on tables, desks and countertops. They are one of the best products you can buy if you want to truly organize your home.

Donate Clothing

It’s alright, you can admit it, you have clothing in your closet you don’t ever wear.  They might even be stacked in bins, or stored in dressers, and you might even have old shoes lining your staircase. Whatever the case, it’s time to go through them all and get rid of the stuff you never wear. Local charities will be more than happy to take them off your hands. Not only will this give people the chance to wear something fashionable, but you will be making more room for the new stuff you buy.

Sort your Bathroom Products

Did you know your lotions, medicines and make-up expire just like all that food in your kitchen? You should go through your products every year and throw anyway anything that has expired. They are just taking up valuable space. If you need more space to store stuff, you can always add more storage or shelving too.

Tackle the Garage, Attic or Shed

How often have you gone through the stuff you no longer wanted in plain view, yet didn’t want to toss out? Spring is the perfect time to open up the garage, climb into the attic, or go into the crawlspace to finally get rid of it. How long do you really need to keep something for that you’ve most likely forgotten you had? These places are extremely important to keep organized if you are looking to declutter your home. You might even be able to make some money selling it online or at a garage sale.

Organize your Bills and Other Documents

Do you throw all your important bills into a kitchen drawer, on your desk or dining room table? We all do it, but it really clutters things up. One way to combat it is to buy a simple plastic folder to store them all in. It’s a game-changer, and once all your loose documents, bills and more are carefully put away you will feel better about it.