Artificial Flowers And Plants Have Come A Long Way









Does the very word – fake flowers- conjure up images of grandma’s impossibly bright and impossibly fake looking daisies, mums and what nots? We are not surprised, but you will be when you learn how much faux or imitation flowers and plants have come along.

They have become so realistic looking that in fact even touching them sometimes doesn’t give it a way. Manufacturers of the new- very lush, posh and frankly gorgeous fauna have perfected a way for the leaves and petals to even feel real with a dewy feel. And they are making ‘silk’ trees suitable for outside as well.

In any case – the new flower bouquets are a far cry from grandma’s plastics and cost a bundle- nevertheless they are amazing for mixing in with real ones to make a bouquet fuller and more vibrant or even on their own.

We also have it on good authority that even the most discerning of event planners, use artificial flowers to fill out bouquets, table top and room decor.

Another bonus of using silk trees and artificial flowers- is that they are reusable. Big events and fancy weddings use thousands of flowers as decorations- seems like a big waste to throw all of them out after the event. With artificial flowers you can save them and reuse them.

With so many good uses, artificial flowers and silk trees have certainly come a long way BUT fellas- don’t even think of bringing a faux bouquet to your lady, only fresh and fragrant will do!


Photo credit : nearlynatural.com