4 Products That Will Help Relieve Stress

Knitted Weighted Blanket made Of Organic Cotton - Cotton Napper

Weighted Blanket: If you don’t own a weighted blanket you’re missing out. Studies have shown that weighted blankets can help you sleep better and de-stress. Bearaby offers a fantastic collection of weighted blankets. Their buttery soft and breathable organic cotton weighted blanket is ideal for all seasons.


Buddha Board: The calming Buddha Board will add a bit of peace to your busy day. You’ll create soft, beautiful images with a rich, inky Japanese look. Appreciate your creation in the moment, and then as the water evaporates and your masterpiece slowly fades away, practice the art of letting go.


Colouring Book: Adult colouring books have been popular for a few years now and for good reason. Time flies by when you start one of the many colouring books on the market today.

Meditation App: Consider downloading an app like Headspace or Calm. Both offer hundreds of options for relaxation and wellness.