Balancing On One Leg For 10-Seconds Could Predict Lifespan

Living a long and healthy life is of the utmost importance to many of us and things like diet and exercise play a big role in our overall health. Recently, the results of an interesting study regarding health and longevity were shared with the public and it generated headlines worldwide.

According to a new study featured on Global News, it may be possible to predict how long an older adult will live based on how well they can balance on one foot. The inability to stand on one leg for 10 seconds is linked to nearly double the risk of death from any cause within the next decade, the study found. According to the report published Tuesday in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, balance quickly diminishes after the mid-50s, which often increases the risk for falls and other health hazards. The study was conducted on 1,702 Brazilian residents ages 51 to 75. Learn more at the British Journal of Sports and Medicine.