11 Ways To De-Clutter This Season

For many, there is no better feeling (or look) than a clean, organized house devoid of clutter. If you’re seeking a de-cluttered existence this season, check out some of our favourite de-cluttering tips below.

  1. Make a list. Determine which rooms need to be organized then work through each room one at a time.
  2. In each room determine what items you actually use and what could be stored, donated, sold or disposed of.
  3. Keep flat surfaces like countertops devoid of excess items.
  4. Consider a dedicated storage room. If you have the space, consider using a room or large cabinet just for storage.
  5. Use baskets/boxes. Attractive baskets can be a great storage solution for areas like the laundry room.
  6. Throw away broken or damaged items.
  7. Invest in hooks. Hanging items on hooks will keep things off the floor and lead to a much tidier looking room.
  8. Take before and after photos. This will be greatly helpful down the line if your space becomes cluttered again.
  9. Marie Kondo. Use her famous line, “does it spark joy” to determine if you should keep an item.
  10. When it comes to clothing, pick a time period like one year as a starting point. If you haven’t worn something in a year, it’s time to get rid of it.
  11. Don’t forget your pantry! Removing expired foods and organizing by food category or look, can make a huge difference.