Tips For Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions


We’ve all been there. We eagerly jot down our New Year’s resolutions and promise ourselves that this time they will stick and those promises we make to ourselves will be kept. Resolutions like getting healthier, switching jobs/careers and losing weight are some of the popular ones. We’ve pulled together some helpful tips for keeping those resolutions this year.


  1. Pick a realistic resolution. If your goal is far-fetched or one that you don’t have a solid plan for achieving, its going to be very hard to be achieve it.
  2. Avoid choosing a resolution you haven’t kept before. 
  3. Buddy up. Share your resolution(s) with a friend that can help hold you accountable.
  4. Be consistent. Work on your goal regularly.
  5. Write it down. Noting your goals and reviewing them often can help keep you motivated and on track.  
  6. Stick it out. Don’t give up if you have a set-back. Re-group and keep going. 

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