12 Things To Sell In Your Home For Extra Cash


It’s a new year and a great time to make a little extra cash. January can oftentimes be a challenging month financially. The hectic (and expensive) holiday time period is over and January is a good time to take stock of your finances and explore different ways to earn extra cash.

One option is selling items you no longer need or use. When you go through your belongings it can truly be an eye-opener. There’s a good chance that you will have something that you could sell. Post whatever you decide to sell online. Sites like Facebook Marketplace/Buy & Sell, Kijiji and Poshmark are all easy to use. Take a look below at some household items that can easily be sold for extra cash.


  1. Purses and handbags. If you have handbags collecting dust in your closet, there’s a great market for these items (especially designer brands).
  2. Jewelry. Old jewelry items can sell well. 
  3. Clothing. If you have quality clothing in good shape, its worth looking at a site like Poshmark.
  4. Books. Old books, school textbooks, etc can be sold to sites like Amazon.
  5. Furniture. If it’s in good shape, furniture can be easily sold.
  6. Gift cards. Still haven’t spent that gift card you got for Christmas? Sell it online via a site like Raise or Cardpool.
  7. Art. There is a market for art online. If you’ve got some art lying around, consider selling it online.
  8. Sports Supplies and Equipment. Never use those skies? Selling these high-ticket items can be a quick way to extra cash.   
  9. Musical Instruments. Everything from guitars to pianos can sell fast online.  
  10. Home D├ęcor. Items like lamps and even plants can be sold.
  11. Tools. If you don’t use items like saws, drills, etc consider selling.    
  12. Board Games and Toys. De-clutter fast by selling off old games and toys.