Sought After Gifts For 2020


For many of us, its been the strangest year on record and as 2020 winds down, we look to the holidays as a bright spot in an otherwise challenging year. See below for some of the most coveted gifts this year.   


Games, including video and board games. Games are an easy way to pass the time and you can’t beat a good board game for a solid few hours of family fun. Scrabble, Clue and Monopoly are always great choices.



Kitchen items. Baking tools and cookware are popular items this year. The Instant Pot is an incredibly popular pick again this year.


PlayStation 5

Electronics. Who hasn’t heard about the frenzy sourrounding PlayStation 5? Tablets, phones and laptops are also solid go-to items this year.  

Gift Cards. Rarely can you go wrong with gift cards. Pick a favourite store or brand and you’ll be sure to please!  Popular picks include big box retailers like Walmart and Amazon. Consider supporting a local small business with the purchase of a gift card. 


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