How To Save An Extra $100+ Every Month 



Can you use an extra $1200 plus per year? Of course, you can!  Maybe you’ve been dreaming of a 2021 vacation, purchasing a special gift for yourself or a loved one or just meeting that saving goal you have set out for yourself. Here are some tips for easy saving every monhth. 


  • Schedule automatic withdrawals from your regular bank account to your savings account. Even a small amount weekly or bi-weekly can make a big difference.
  • Skip the daily trip to the coffee shop and make your favourite brew at home. 
  • Compare grocery prices online before deciding which grocery store to buy from. Shopping in bulk on sale items you frequently use/need.
  • If you have a balance on your credit card look to transfer to a card with an interest free offer or better interest rate.
  • Keep restaurant dining to a minimum. Visit half (or less) than you used to.
  • If you’ve got cable, cancel it. Utilize a streaming service.
  • Consider cancelling pricey gym memberships (especially if you don’t use them as often as you should).
  • Think about a side gig that you could incorporate into your life with earnings going towards savings.  


The above tips can save a bundle. Take this as a challenge and think of a few others adjustments you can make to get you started with your savings goals!