Google Reveals The Most Searched Recipes Of 2020

At some point this year, many of us were baking up a storm. Everything from cakes, casseroles and breads were filling up kitchens across North America. This week, Google revealed the year’s most searched-for recipes and its clear many of us were craving comfort foods. Not surprisingly, sourdough bread and whipped coffee took the top two spots (they were also huge on social media this year). See below for the top 5 and click here for the full list of Google’s most searched for recipes.


                                                                                   1. Sourdough Bread


                                                                                    2. Whipped Coffee


                                                                                    3. Disney Churro


                                                                                     4. Dole Whip

Photo: Hilton Doubletree

                                                                   5. DoubleTree Chocolate Chip Cookies




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