Preparing For Covid-19 This Winter


As Covid-19 continues through the rest of the year (and likely into next), its important to prepare for a long and likely challenging winter season.  With winter right around the corner, its important to prepare yourself and your home. 


Stock up on the essentials. Ensure you have a good supply of key items like toilet paper and soap.

Have access to medication. Stock up on prescriptions and things like headache medication and cough/flu medication. 

Two-week supply of food. Consider keeping an ample supply of food on hand. In the event of an emergency, having enough food on hand is one less thing to worry about.    

Load up on fun. Pick up a few extra entertainment items like board games and puzzles for those cozy winter nights in.

Stay active. Download some new apps (there are countless great fitness and wellness options) for easy indoor fitness.

Consider the flu shot. Getting the flu shot can provide an extra layer of protection.

Warm Clothing. Stock up on warm clothing as its likely many of us will spend more time outside.

Stay within your ‘bubble’.  Avoid crowds and stick to your household whenever possible.  

Mentally prepare. Remind yourself that this winter will be different than others and while winter can seem like it goes on forever, it will indeed come to an end. 


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