Simple Design & Decorating Tips For Small Rooms



Go white or light.  Light colours can make even a very small space seem a little bigger. If you have a dark coloured room, changing the wall colour to something lighter can truly make a big difference.

Invest in furniture that doesn’t overwhelm. Choose furniture that works for the room. Overly large, clunky furniture can make a room appear smaller and more cluttered.

Remove the doors where possible. Removing a door can instantly transform a room making it feel more open and modern. Alternatives to traditional doors include sliding doors, screens or panels.

Consider Ottomans. Not only are ottomans a great alternative to coffee tables, they offer storage and even extra seating if needed.

Add mirrors. Hang one large mirror or a few smaller mirrors in a position to receive an abundance of natural light and reflect it back into the room. This decorating tip works wonders in spaces like dining rooms, living rooms or bedrooms.

Get a Rug. Just because a room is on the small side doesn’t mean it needs a small rug. Small rugs can make a room seem even smaller. Consider investing in a larger rug that the furniture can sit on.





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