Planning & Prioritizing For Emergencies


Planning ahead for emergencies is not always an enjoyable task, but it can do so much for your sense of wellbeing and confidence. Knowing exactly where you’re at financially can save you a lot of grief and panic at a time when you may need patience and calmness.


  1. Take stock of your situation, what you owe and what cash you have on hand.
  2. Separate accounts and create one for ‘emergencies.’
  3. Create a budget. Write down expenses, create a plan and stick to it. Evaluate weekly to ensure your staying on track.  
  4. Cancel subscriptions/leisure services you don’t use or need often.
  5. Reduce your food budget by avoiding restaurants, fast food outlets and visit the grocery store only once per week (if possible) to limit your spending. Buy what you need.
  6. Sell unused furniture and household items for cash online.
  7. Speak to your bank or financial advisor about your current situation and desire to plan ahead for emergencies.