Hobbies, Pastimes & Activities That Can Earn You Extra Cash


Believe it or not, there are some things you may do often that could earn you some extra cash. Hobbies, pastimes and activities could earn you some extra cash.

Arts & Crafts, Knitting: Do you enjoy arts and crafts or knitting?  Setting up an Etsy shop could be a great little thing you do on the side. Etsy has become even more popular in 2020 and is renowned for its offerings.

Pet Sitting: Love animals? Consider pet sitting in your spare time. You can connect online to people needing sitters via sites like, and

Be A Tutor: Are you particularly good at something? Consider teaching it. There are numerous sites online that can connect you to people who want to learn.   

Writing: Do you have a passion for writing? Consider advertising your services on sites like or      

Surveys/Contests: If you don’t mind answering questions or filling out endless entry forms, entering contests online and filling out surveys can give your bank account a little boost.  

Clean, De-Clutter and Sell: Take the time to clean and de-clutter and you may be surprised by things around the house, in good condition that could make you some cash. Join an online marketplace like Facebook Marketplace and make a little cash off of the things you no longer need/use. 

Carpentry: If you have skills in woodworking you could consider starting a little side business building, restoring or repairing furniture or household items.