Effective Ways To Deal With Money Anxiety


In these unprecedented times, anxiety and stress are commonplace. When it comes to finances in 2020, its important to remain calm, focused and on budget. See below for some tips on how to deal with money anxiety.


Assess Your Situation: Sit down and list your bills and expenses. Having a list will help you really evaluate where you’re at and what you want to do moving forward.


Emergency Fund: Make sure you keep adding to your emergency fund or start one if you haven’t. Even a little money added each week can add up and be helpful later.


Pay the Credit Card Bills: While it might seem tempting to skip a credit card bill, don’t. Make minimum payments and if you are in a truly tight spot, call your credit card company. Many are willing to work with you on solutions.


Curb Unnecessary Spending: Only buy what you need. Do not spend on anything you don’t truly need.


Keep Calm: Self-care and taking time for yourself will go a long way in helping in other areas of your life including finances.