British Airways To Auction Off Some Of Its Renowned Art Collection

Like most airlines, British Airways is struggling at the moment and has been forced to make changes in the way they do business in order to survive, including laying off thousands of staff. In order to raise some funds however, the airline is planning on auctioning off some of its renowned art collection.

British Airways art collection has long been talked about. There are over 1,500 pieces in the collection, including works by British artists Damien Hirst, Peter Doig, Anish Kapoor, Chris Ofili and Tracey Emin. It’s being speculated that some of the works are valued at more than 1 million pounds. It’s being said that at this time this airline has called in art valuers, with the expectations being that at least 10 major pieces will be auctioned off. 

The artwork has long been displayed on the walls of British Airways’ executive lounges, but some have also been displayed at their Waterside headquarters near Heathrow International Airport. One the pieces that could go up for auction is by Bridget Riley, which has been described as a masterpiece. 

While the airline has yet to make an official announcement about the sale of the artwork, the airliner’s chief executive Álex Cruz has stated in the past that they would “take every possible action to conserve cash”. It’s also been well known that the airline was willing to do whatever it takes to save money and jobs. 

Photo: British Airways Instagram