Author Dan Brown Set To Release Children’s Book / Classical Music Album

Dan Brown is well known as the author of The Da Vinci Code series of books. The hero of those novels is Robert Langdon, who uses a series of skills to solve ancient mysteries. The novels have been a huge hit over the years, but for the moment Brown is moving away from the series to focus on a new project that uses a different set of skills. This fall he’s set to release a children’s picture book, that will be accompanied by a classical music album. 

Wild Symphony will be released on September 1st, and it is said to be inspired by classic children’s stories such as Peter and the Wolf. It follows the story of Maestro Mouse as he visits a series of animal friends. On each page Maestro learns a new piece of wisdom through music that is helpful for him in navigating his life. The book is illustrated by Hungarian artist Susan Batori. As readers go through the book, they are to listen to the classic music album that accompanies it, to give it a soundtrack as well. The album is performed by performed by the Zagreb Festival Orchestra in Croatia, and each animal has their own unique music. 

For those who don’t know Brown’s story too well, the author has a background in music and has released a handful of albums in the past. He hasn’t released anything since his writing career took off though. 

And fans of the Robert Langdon series of books will be happy to know that Brown is hard at work on a new thriller for his hero. 

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