Best Places To Visit In Canada This Fall

Let’s face it, when the weather starts cooling down and fall quickly replaces summer, many of us start thinking of bringing out our warmer clothing and preparing ourselves for the winter ahead. Vacations and day trips are a thing of the past, and our minds skip straight into snowy landscapes and icy sidewalks. The thing is though, fall in Canada is one of the most beautiful times of the year, and there are plenty of places you will want to visit before it does get too cold. Here are our favourites. 

Algonquin Park: In Ontario one of the most popular provincial parks is Algonquin. Located a few short hours north of Toronto, this massive park has lakes, rivers and lots and lots of trees to catch your attention with their bright colours. You can explore one of the many trails by foot, or rent a canoe to travel the waterways. And don’t worry, if you head out in early fall, it’s not too cold to go exploring just yet. From the end of September to mid-November is the perfect time to check it out. 

The Rocky Mountains: Alberta is known for getting some of the white stuff earlier than the rest of the country, and up in the mountains even more so, therefore you will want to check this our sooner rather than later if you want to avoid it. In September however the Rocky Mountains are still warm and the days are relatively dry, so it’s the perfect time to check them out. The summer tourists have left, and he winter tourists have yet to arrive, which means the area is extremely peaceful and quiet. From Banff to Lake Louise, you will find the calmness summer more than likely didn’t allow you to have, and the beautiful colours will have you in awe. 

The Cabot Trail: If you’ve never visited Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, the fall is the perfect time to do so. The area is considered to be one of the most beautiful spots in all of Canada, if not the world. Driving through the twisty, windy roads is a thing of beauty, and there are trails scattered throughout for you to stop and stretch your legs. The smell of the fresh air and the beauty of the forest will make you want to move there.

Cross Canada by Rail: If you want to experience the beauty of Canada all in one go, there are several different vacation packages offered by Via Rail. Some travel coast to coast, while others cover smaller areas. The best one is a six day journey that covers Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City and Halifax. You truly get a glimpse of the Canadian landscape this way. Of course the other great option is taking the train through the Rocky Mountains from Alberta to BC, or the other way around. 

Niagara Parkway: If you decide to take a trip through the historic Niagara Parkway, you will quickly discover why Winston Churchill called it “the prettiest Sunday afternoon drive in the world.” Following the curves of the Niagara River as you make your way from Niagara to Queenston and Niagara-on-the-Lake will make your day, if not your weekend and entire month. And of course if you choose to stay the weekend, you can always indulge upon some of the world famous wine of the region. 

The Laurentian Mountains: The sugar maple trees of the Laurentian Mountains of Quebec are truly a site to see in the fall, but the yellow birch and American beech trees are almost as beautiful. The best time to go exploring the area is from the end of September to the end of October as the colours are their brightest then. You can also choose to stay in Mont-Tremblant, which celebrates its annual Symphony of Colors festival at the time.