Spring Cleaning Tips


Photo: https://www.instagram.com/p/BuhxNdahmWp/

Spring cleaning season is upon us. Some of us dread the thought of cleaning and organizing, while others thrive off the idea. Here are a few tips to make your spring cleaning easier and more efficient. 

Makeup is an item that naturally gets cluttered and very, very messy. To keep things organized during your spring cleaning, throw away expired makeup. A helpful tip is to write on the product the date you opened it so you know exactly how old it is.


This is the area most of us need help in. Everyone gets attached to their clothing. During your spring cleaning, think about how many times you wore an item. If it’s been over a year, toss it. If it’s out of style, toss it. If you don’t feel any personal attachment to it, toss it. To make things look neat and organized, colour-coordinate your clothes and roll them in your drawers so you can see everything you own. 

We all have things we definitely do not need. Studies show that a messy home leads to increased stress levels. Clean through your drawers to have a more relaxed mind.

Clean your cleaners

Most of us neglect this step! The cleaners too, need to be cleaned. Change the filter on your vacuum, clean the bristles, vacuum the ends of your broom to get rid of dust, and of course disinfect them.

Make a list
Spring cleaning can be overwhelming because it seems like you have 101 things to do and clean, but putting it down on paper can make it easier to know where to start. List everything you want done and begin checking them off one by one.