Bring Joy Into Your Home With A Holiday Wreath

Photo: harvestmoonflowerfarm on Instagram 

If you’re wondering how to inject holiday cheer and joy into your life, there’s nothing quite like a beautiful wreath to bring happiness to your space. Whether you’re hosting friends or simply celebrating the season, there’s nothing quite like gorgeous greenery to refresh your home. We’ve curated a few expert ways to master this décor trend today.

Pretty dried flowers: For anyone wondering how to decorate with dried flowers, try arranging a handful of tiny dry lavender, dried cranberries and pinecones around a wreath of green leaves. The look of bright colours contrasted against the verdant leaves helps to create a gorgeous, eye-catching look.

Photo: christinemurphyrealtor on Instagram 

Bright ornaments: Try arranging a series of bright red, blue and white metallic Christmas ornaments around a bunch of evergreen branches. For a finishing touch, faux snowflakes and golden tinsel help to pull together the overall wreath which fits into the festive season of the holidays.

Photo: pennkota on Instagram 

Cranberries and ribbons: For anyone truly feeling the Christmas spirit, there’s nothing quite like a beautiful red, white and black plaid ribbon on a wreath. Add tiny dried cranberries, green leaves dipped in fake snow and twigs wrapped into a wreath shape. Prepare to deck the halls, and truly capture the spirit of the festivities.

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