Stunning Wedding Venues in Toronto

One of the biggest decisions a couple makes when planning a wedding is selecting a venue. With so many different kinds of venues out there, such as traditional banquet halls and art galleries, it can be difficult to choose the perfect spot for your wedding. Whether you are hosting a grand reception with hundreds of guests or celebrating your nuptials with an intimate circle of close friends and family, Toronto offers a number of bridal venues. We have curated a few local spots which just may make you feel grateful for skipping that destination wedding, and ringing in the big day close to home. 

Art Gallery of Ontario: For art lovers, the AGO may be especially enticing. Rich with art and unique architectural design, the AGO offers a number of spaces to host your special day. Walker Court, in particular, sits in the heart of the AGO with large archways, a spiral staircase and a glass ceiling. At 4,000 square feet, it claims to accommodate up to 450 guests, and 120 during a seated dinner. The space can be rented alongside any of the others that the AGO offers.  

Photo: findavenue on Instagram

Graydon Manor Hall: Built for Toronto financier Rupert Bain in 1936, Graydon Manor Hall was, as Bain said, a “sportsman’s paradise”. Thirteen years ago it was revamped and opened as an event space.  The venue hall is perfect for those who are looking for a picturesque garden wedding. The landscaping, stone terraces and fountains are reminiscent of English gardens. Venue rentals include access to the library, a dining room and conservatory.

The King Edward Hotel: With the reopening of their century-old Crystal Ballroom this year, the King Edward Hotel may be a beautiful venue for a fairytale wedding. The Vanity Fair Ballroom, another popular room of the hotel, boasts gold curtains, teardrop chandeliers, and faux-marble pillars. For those looking to create a luxurious setting, The King Edward Hotel just may suit your tastes. 

Liberty Grand: Couples with big families will be pleased to know the Liberty Grand specializes in large ballrooms. Located on the Lake Shore, the venue is inspired by Beau Arts and early 1900s decor. With a total of three ballrooms and one open concept room, the Liberty Grand features 27 foot ceilings, crystal chandeliers and arched windows. Decorated with fine imported period furnishings, magnificent domes and columns, the venue oozes both history and elegance.

Distillery District Fermenting Cellar: Built in 1859, the Fermenting Cellar belonged to the Gooderham and Worts Distillery. Since then it has been transformed into a unique venue. Couples looking for an industrial chic vibe will appreciate the heavy timber beam and limestone walls. It is small-scale in comparison to the other venues in the city, but is perfect for those looking for a more close knit setting.