Spring Cleaning Tips For A Fresh And Beautiful Home

With the weather gradually warming and the sun emerging from behind those clouds, homeowners are looking forward to embracing a clean and refreshed home. Whether your humble abode is an urban condo or a sprawling suburban property, every dwelling could use a spring clean. As we step into the season of spring cleaning, we’ve curated a few easy and effective ways to transform your space for the season ahead.

Polish your silverware until it gleams: The approaching balmy weekends mean that we can probably expect to host family and friends from out of town. Whether your dear guests are dropping by for a meal or a weekend, it’s important to have your best silverware out. Use a polish product to cleanse your tarnished silverware and bring it back to its original gleaming glory. For a quick and natural solution, try using boiled water and baking soda to restore your dingy silver cutlery and dishes to their normal state.

Organize your closet: If you’re a diehard fashionista, chances are you probably have a closet which is bursting at the seams. To create more space for your Spring 2017 wardrobe, invest in new hangers to keep your springtime frocks and coats under control. Arranging your garments by season can help you stay on top of the trends, while a hanging closet organizer is an easy way to manage necklaces and scarves.

Clean your hardwood floors: For design lovers with gorgeous hardwood floors, we know that maintaining your flooring is no easy feat. If you want flawless hardwood, use a mop for a quick clean, and tackle your dirty floors with diluted vinegar for a cleaning solution. Meanwhile, waxing your floors can help to create that smooth and shining effect which we are all coveting at home. Let’s hope that nobody spills their drink at your next house party, and prepare for floors which will complement your interior design.

Photo: iStock