Explore Majestic Lake Louise This Season

As far as majestic bodies of water go, Lake Louise pretty much takes the cake. With stunning turquoise blue waves and the impressive surrounding mountains, Lake Louise is one of Canada’s must-see destinations. The rolling mountains make Lake Louise a prime destination for skiing and snowboarding, and starting in November, thousands of snowbirds will begin to make their way to this scenic winter hotspot. However, Lake Louise offers a number of activities during the winter months which don’t involve skiing, but are just as exciting and enjoyable. We’ve rounded up some of our top non ski-related activities to discover at Lake Louise this season.


Photo: theplanetd on Instagram

Dog Sledding

Travelling by dogsled was originally a method of transportation for the Inuit and early settlers in Banff. Today, visitors can still experience this exhilarating ride through one of Canada’s most beautiful landscapes. Each dog sled tour begins with a proper meet and greet with the team of Alaskan huskies, each of which plays a different role in the team. Envelop yourself in a blanket and relax as your guide and trained dogs lead you through the mountains. Tours range from half hour excursions to full day trips.


Named the world’s best skating rink by CNN and Huffington Post, skating at Lake Louise promises to be a magical experience. Glide across the ice and gaze out at the Canada’s Rocky Mountains and the Victoria Glacier. The rink is cleared of snow daily, making for an enjoyable and problem free experience. For a particularly enchanting glide on the lake, explore the ice castle, a majestic structure created by the Fairmont Chateau Hotel built each year just in time for Christmas.

Gondola Ride

If hiking isn’t your thing but you still want to catch the beautiful view of the lake, a gondola ride is your best bet. The Banff and Lake Louise region is home to four different gondolas, each offering unique sightseeing opportunities. The Lake Louise Sight Seeing Gondola offers unparalleled views of the Victoria Glacier, and is known to be an excellent way to spot grizzly bears in their natural habitat. At an elevation of almost 7000 feet, the gondola ride is perfect for a romantic excursion for two or an adventurous family day.

 Banff Craft Beer Festival

Finally, if you’ve had enough with outdoor exploring, you’ll definitely want to catch the Banff Craft Beer Festival. This sampling event will allow visitors and area natives to test out some of Alberta’s finest craft beers, as well as some of the best local pub fare. The festival will take place at Canada’s first national park, the Cave and Basin, which will allow beer enthusiasts to take in the beautiful sights of Lake Louise from the warmth of the event grounds. The Banff Craft Beer Festival takes place from November 27th – 28th.