Images Festival Officially Hits Toronto- Here’s What To Know


Photo: imagesfestival on Instagram

For local film buffs who are looking for an escape into the small screen, the annual Images Festival will hit Toronto from April 14 to April 23. Founded by the Northern Visions Collective in 1987, the interdisciplinary arts event celebrates its 29th anniversary this year.

The Images Festival describes itself as the largest North American festival for experimental and independent moving images and contemporary media. While it emphasizes film and video, the creative festival also involves digital art installations, new media and live performances.

This year, the Images Festival launches on April 14 with an art crawl through Toronto galleries like A Space, Gallery 44, Whippersnapper Gallery and Mercer Union.

Visitors can expect a live solo performance from Winnipeg-based multidisciplinary artist Sarah Anne Johnson, who is slated to present her exhibition Hospital Hallway.

Meanwhile, the People, Places, Things exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario takes place on April 17, and offers a closer look at the visual information which hits our eyes every day. The retrospective is set to bring a storytelling perspective to everyday life.

The festival is also set to include talks from a variety of artists, such as Bath, England-based artist Kelly O’Brien, independent Canadian filmmaker Mike Hoolboom and Beirut-based artist artist Roy Dib. For anyone who is ready to brush up on their artistic knowledge, these talks just might be an educational experience.

As well, art enthusiasts can drop by Harbourfront Centre on April 23 for the international premiere of the collaboration There Are Certain Facts that Cannot Be Disputed. This 60-minute performance is the brainchild of artist Juliana Huxtable, and claims to explore diverse topics such as human desire and evolution.

For a grand finale, the Images Festival draws to a conclusion with the official closing night party, which also takes place at Harbourfront Centre. Whether you simply want to mingle with the creative set or take in a new media exhibition, this year’s festival just may offer something for everyone.