platform wedges

Take A Stand In Wedges

The wedge shoe is a summer staple for so many practical reasons. Yes, this might be the one time we put precedence on practically in our fashion choice…not that they aren’t ka-ute, too! But wedges stop us from getting our heels stuck in the grass (you know what we’re talking about) at a variety of […]


Sexiest Summer Sandals To Pick Up Now

As you step out in your favourite flowing frock or printed romper this summer, there’s nothing quite like the perfect summer sandals to bring your look to life. Whether you prefer minimalism and simplicity or bold colours and patterns, summertime living and footwear are easy and breezy this season. We’ve curated our favourite summery sandals to pick up this season, whether you’re heading off on a weekend getaway or embracing city life.


Sky High Platforms Are The Funky Footwear Fad For Fall 2016

For Fall 2016, bold and chunky heels are set to quite literally elevate your footwear statements to an entirely new level! If you’re bored by flats and intimidated by stilettos, platforms are a chic compromise