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Pan Am Fashion Continues To Soar

While ratings for Pan Am may be dipping and rumours abound that the show may be cancelled, their retro 60’s fashion is still a hot topic. The stars are scoring top points for how they have embodied the retro style. With Banana Republic currently selling a retro Mad Men inspired collection and trends such as gloves and structured handbags being seen into Fall, our retro fashion obsession doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon.


Retro Pan Am Handbags Gaining Popularity

Pan Am premiered this week to mixed reviews, but that’s not stopping the retro fashion and handbags of the show from being the talk of the town. The Pan Am flight bags carried by the stars of the show are becoming a hot commodity. If you love retro fashion, this bag could be your must have handbag of the season.


Get Christina Ricci’s Retro Fashion From Pan Am

As Christina Ricci and co-stars take off in the highly anticipated television series Pan Am this weekend our love affair with retro style continues. Mad Men and subsequently The Help brought retro glamour to the small screen and we are right on board to see it continue with the golden age of air travel in Pan Am.