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Top 2023 Autumn / Winter Accessory Trends

Top Winter Fashionable Accessories

When one thinks of winter fashion, they typically think of the larger items like jackets and boots, and disregard the smaller elements that make up the entire ensemble. They shouldn’t however. Small elements can have a major impact on style, and sometimes they can make or break the outfit. During the Autumn/Winter 2023 fashion weeks back in the early spring, there were plenty of runways showcasing the small items, many of which have become the season’s hottest trends. Here are some of them you will want to incorporate into your own looks this season.

Chunky Striped Colourful Scarves

This year it’s all about experimenting with colour, when it comes to your scarf. Gone are the days of dark, neutral shades, and in are virbrant, striped scarves that make you stand out on a cold day. Blues, greens, oranges, yellows and pinks are in, and in most cases, the brighter the better. They look good mixed with complimentary hues, but they can also be worn with monochrome or duo-chrome outfits as well. To make it even more impressive, large, chunky, oversized items are all the rage. It helps the colours stand out that much more, while still keeping your style on point.

Fluffy Bucket Hats

This year bucket hats were in during the summer months, and it’s a trend that has continued during the fall and winter months. The difference being, this season is all about bucket hats covered in faux fur. It’s an accessory that not only keeps you warm, but it’s a fun way to keep your look chic. While pink or blue hats are trendy, so are white, black and brown ones. The hats looks good with almost every outfit, but avoid wearing too much jewelry as the hat stands out on its own.

Leg Warmers & Knee High Socks

Both of these items are a flash back to the past, the 80s and 90s to be specific. Leg warmers were made popular in the 80s, and it’s a trend that is having a resurgence this year thanks to balletcore. They look good over tights, with min skirts, long coats and more. You can wear the look with sneakers, ballet flats or heels, and still look good while keeping warm. If you aren’t feeling the leg warmers though, knee high socks are making a comeback as well. This look was big in the 90s, and can keep you warm, without forcing you to wear thick stockings. Its a look that works with platform heels, kitten heels or even chunky boots. Black socks are the hottest trend, but printed fabric is hot as well.

Balaclava Hats

These was a time when covering your head completely was a faux pas, but those days are long behind us. Balaclavas have made their way down from the mountains and into our every day closets. Not only are they stylish, but they will keep your head and neck warm at the same time. Most of them are made from wool or cashmere, and can easily match your outfit. The particularly fashionable choice for colours are brown, gray or black, because they can match almost anything, but reds and pinks are in as well.

White Framed Sunglasses

Many people forget that winters can be just as bright as the summer, and in some cases, when the sun is reflecting off the freshly fallen snow, even more so. This season white framed sunglasses are in, and they are a great way to brighten up your look. It’s not the large frames that are in either, but the smaller ones like you’d find in the 90s, with dark lenses that hide your eyes. If white just isn’t your thing, most neutral shades, like cream or beige, will do.