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5 Summer Office Outfits To Try Now

Summer Office Wear 2023

It’s summer, and with the temperature rising and humidity setting in, it can be difficult finding a stylish, yet work-appropriate outfit you can wear. After all, the temperature during your commute can be very different than the temperature in the office. You obviously want to be comfortable in the sweltering heat, while not freezing while sitting at your desk. Finding the right look that can accommodate both instances can be very difficult do to, but thankfully not impossible. Here are some of our favourite office-appropriate outfit ideas for the season.

Oversized White Suits

Deciding to wear an oversized smart suit in the summer can both keep you cool in the heat, and warm in the AC. Having a removable jacket has its benefits after all. While wearing white used to come with a lot of rules, that’s just not the case anymore, and it’s so much cooler to wear in the sun than darker colours. Slouchy fits definitely work better in the summer too, and your boss won’t mind that it’s more casual than your usual power suits you wear the rest of the year.

Khaki Is In

Thanks to Miu Miu’s latest summer runway, Khaki basics are now in.  Not only that, but they are perfect for warm weather. From button down shirts to pleated skirts, the look not only works in the office, but on the street as well. If you want more than just khaki on khaki, you can inject a little colour by wearing a brightly coloured tee and cardigan. It will help add a little dimension to the look.

Back To Basics

Sometimes the basics really do work. In most cases tank tops are a big no-no when it comes to office wear, but when paired with dark-coloured, tailored trousers, a light blazer, a simple over-the-shoulder bag and the latest pumps, it can really make a statement. It’s a look that’s more elevated than you think. Another options is to wear a simple button-down, loose fitting shirt and a pair of summer jeans.

The Black Dress

It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, the black dress is always in style. You’ll find them at night clubs, at home and even at work. Of course the latter will require a dress with enough coverage to make it appropriate for the office. A light cardigan or blazer can be worn with it if you find yourself a little too cold at times. If they are too bulky for your tastes, you can chose to pair it with a silk scarf as well.

The Midi Skirt Canvas

Skirts and summer go hand in hand, and a midi-skirt will give you many options to build a look around for both the office and the street. It can be paired with an off-the should top, or a button down blouse. Outside the office you can chose something a little more revealing to go with it as well. It’s really up to you what you decide to wear with it, but at the very least one skirt can give you many different looks.