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Oscar De La Renta Spring 2023 Top Looks

Oscar De La Renta fashion brand remains true to their romantic and feminine roots with this outstanding Spring 2023 collection.

If everything is coming up roses, it’s also coming up hydrangeas, petunias and all manner of other gorgeous blooms complete with butterflies in this spring fashion cornucopia!

Delicate sequins interplay with peek a boo cutouts to add a hint of sex appeal to otherwise ephemeral look and feel of the gowns.

Oscar De La Renta fashion house is known for their feminine fashion- but this Spring 2023 fashion collection takes it to the next level. Definitely a keep sake gown to save and pass down for generations.

Something to be said for the incredible workmanship of Oscar De La Renta fashions- they are meant to be beautiful forever!


photos: Oscar De La Renta Instagram