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IT Bag For Fall The Large Tote Has Many Uses

Nothing says ‘Up To Date’ like having the hottest bag of the season -Tote! Season after season, we’ve been seeing new takes on the big bag trend. For fall, it will be all about large totes. While the Tote bag is as big as the name implies, they’re sleek and designed in neutral shades, making them the ultimate everyday bag. Whether you’re looking for a sizable bag to to use as a stylish carry-on for a flight or fit everything you need for school or the office, the large Tote bags will have you covered.
If you think about it- a tote bag can replace a number of other purses/ bags or even luggage.

1. Overnight bag- fold your clothes and a pair of shoes neatly, put them into separate plastic bags and into the Tote they go.

2. Gym bag- same idea. Bring a change of clothes in a separate plastic bag. Put your shoes in their own shoe bag.

3. Briefcase- pick up a couple of foldable files and slip them in the Tote bag. Not only will you have the most stylish work accessory- your paperwork will be organized as well

4. Laptop. You can use the portable filing system compartment to put in your device.

5. Mom bag. You can be the perfect Mary Poppins and keep toys, snacks, wet clothes and anything else in separate zip lock bags of course.

Of course if you are anything like us- chances are you will be using your Tote for all of the above or depending on how precious it is ( no nappies in LV) as a gorgeous fall accessory to show off with your latest leather jacket of course!

photo credit : Indigo , Real Real @instagram