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Montreal Based Fashion Brands Turn Self-Isolation Into Opportunity

Photo Credit: Off the Hook


Countless fashion brands across the country are seeing their very livelihood challenged due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Montreal based fashion brands however, have come up with a way to stay in the game with streetwear brands like Off the Hook adapting to the crisis in a unique way. 

The Montreal Gazette highlighted Off the Hook and other Montreal brands this week. Off the Hook has created a Stay Home 2020 line set to be available April 14 online. “We posted the Stay Home line on social media and we got so much positive feedback. People were excited,” said Off the Hook owner Harry Drakopoulos.

Another local designer that’s adapted is the Tamelo Boutique. They’ve created shirts featuring Quebec’s director of public health surrounded by the Enrique Iglesias lyric “I can be your hero baby” and Premier François Legault saying “sometimes a glass of wine may help.”

Check both Tamelo Boutique and Off the Hook and support Canadian fashion.