What To Wear

Long Weekend Travel Essentials

Heading out of town this long weekend (or even the next one)? Whether road tripping or plane hopping, don’t leave home without a few (fashionable) essentials. Consider it a summer holiday survival kit…minus the wine.

Quay Australia I’m Rich 57mm Rimless Gradient Round Sunglasses, $84: The pearl detail on these rimless sunnies is a sweet surprise—nothing shady about it.


“Nantucket” crewneck sweatshirt, $76: Pull on this hoodie when you want to be cozy fireside or to take a snooze in the aisle seat, sans blanket.

Ganni Stretch Seersucker Scrunchie, $26: Pop a ponytail with this striped scrunchie. Everyone’s fave old school hair tie has definitely made a comeback, what with seemingly all hair accessories trending now.


Nike Air Max Bella TR2, $105: A good pair of runners is a shoe staple when you’re prepping for adventure—whether you find it or it finds you.

Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case, $269: These headphones pair well with others, including your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad or Mac. One charge translates to five hours of listening time (pack that playlist) and three hours of talk time (in case you get homesick…as if).

Heys Xtrak 30-Inch Spinner Suitcase, $375: You might only be gone for a few days, but why worry about having to pack light? No one needs that kind of stress!