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Straight/Curve Fashion Documentary Offers An Inspirational Look At Body Positivity

Photo: George Pimentel 

On Monday, April 23, Real Style had the opportunity to attend the Canadian premiere of the fashion documentary Straight/Curve, in partnership with Fashion Group International Toronto. The screening took place at the Isabel Bader Theatre in Toronto, and featured a panel with plus sized models Robyn Lawley and Denise Bidot, who star in the film.

With issues of body positivity and body image becoming well known to those within the fashion industry, the film certainly made an entrance at a timely moment. Directed by filmmaker Jenny McQuaile and produced by Jessica Lewis, Straight/Curve also stars well-known British supermodel Iskra Lawrence and American plus size model Tess Holliday. In addition to these famous names in the industry, the film also interspersed the voices of the stars with the voices of teenage girls. The young women spoke on screen about their personal challenges with their bodies, the pressures of being thin and having a flawless figure and the lack of diversity in the media. As well, longtime fashion consultant and TV personality Tim Gunn also appeared in the documentary and shared his thoughts on these issues.

Photo: Anastasia Garcia 

Meanwhile, the models in the film also spoke about their personal issues with their bodies growing up. From being criticized for their fuller, curvaceous figures to eventually becoming confident in front of the cameras, the stars revealed their journey toward body positivity. Today, all the featured models are comfortable in their skins, and fully embrace their curves and individual beauty.

Overall, we found the film to be inspirational and current, particularly for the age of social media. Staying true to Canadian fashion for this local premiere, emerging Toronto designer Lesley Hampton attired all the models for the evening, in her signature embellished and sequin frocks. Hampton also participated in the concluding panel discussion with the two starring models, The Kit editor in chief Laura De Carufel and blogger Anubha Momin.

With a focus on everything from size diversity and multiculturalism to issues such as eating disorders, the film surprised us with the way it emphasized the changing landscape of fashion. Is there more need for discussion, awareness and advocacy in the seasons and years ahead? Absolutely, but in the meantime, we will follow the shining example from star Bidot. The 31-year-old model, who is also the mother of a nine-year-old daughter, addressed the crowds with a particular statement which struck us.

“I didn’t want to fight my body. I didn’t want to be unhappy,” said Bidot during the panel. Whether a size 2 or a size 20, whether clad in couture or in DIY, we can’t help but agree with her. After all, fashion is art- and if Straight/Curve’s message is anything to go by, this art form is truly for everybody.