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Accessorize Your Style In Funky Suspenders This Season


If your winter wardrobe has turned into a bland expanse of chunky sweaters and corduroys, embracing the season’s accessory trend of suspenders can help you instantly revitalize your sartorial statement. As we prepare for the final few weeks of frost and sleet, a funky pair of suspenders can bring a stylish, youthful effect to even the most minimalistic ensemble. Here are a few runway inspired ways to embrace the trend now.

Casual Chic

For a fuss-free Saturday ensemble, take your sartorial cues from the thick black suspenders as spotted on the Costello Tagliapietra runway. To balance out the often formal feel of a pair of suspenders, style your look with sleeveless plaid blouse and a coordinating flared midi skirt in rich shades of purple. Meanwhile, a pair of woolly high socks and black leather lace-up loafers can flawlessly complete your outfit of the day.

Work Wear

Nothing screams business quite like skinny black suspenders paired with a crisp white blouse, as spotted at Saint Laurent. For a corporate chic outfit, wrap up your menswear inspired style with a skinny metallic tie, a fitted black blazer and high-waisted black skinny trousers. Before you strut into your office, slip into a pair of strappy black heels for a polished finishing touch.


For a night on the dance floor, follow the fashionable example seen on the runway at Ralph Lauren. Bring your suspenders from the office to the party scene, by combining them with a button-down blouse, sharp black tie and black pinstriped blazer. Meanwhile, a flowing black skirt adds an instantly refined and feminine feel to your borrowed from the boys accessory statement.


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