Movies Opening January 27th, 2012

It’s the last week of January, and with it comes four thrillers. One’s a restricted action flick, one’s a comedy, one’s a drama, and one’s a crime/heist. It’ll be interesting to see which one comes out on top, or if Underworld keeps the crown.


DVD Releases – June 21st, 2011

With the theater releases slowing down lately it’s no surprise that DVD releases have picked up. After all if people don’t like what’s on the big screen, they can always pick up something to watch at home. This week there are 5 new releases, so let’s get to them.


Movies Opening February 18th, 2011

As March quickly approaches (and the first of the really good movies arrives in theaters) we’re starting to see more interesting movies open. This week we get an alien teen movie starring one of those kids from Glee, a new thriller starring Liam Neeson, and a second sequel to a hit comedy from 2000. My money is on the first one to win the box office race this weekend, but you never can tell.