Samuel L. Jackson Joins Chris Rock And Marisol Nichols In Saw Reboot

Production has already begun in Toronto on the upcoming Saw reboot, and now it’s been announced that Samuel L. Jackson has joined Chris Rock as one of the stars of the film.


Top Scary Movie Franchises

Let’s face it, people like to be scared by movies from time to time, and when Hollywood finds something that works they tend to milk it for all it’s worth. From Paranormal Activity to Psycho, we explore the scariest movie franchises.


Paranormal Activity 2 Movie Review

To say Paranormal Activity was a huge success last year would be an understatement. The movie was made on an $11,000 budget, and on the opening weekend alone it made close to $80,000 on limited screens across the country. When all was said and done it ended up making over $194 million worldwide.