The 2020 Golden Globes Were Full Of Shocks, Upsets and Surprises

The 2020 Golden Globes were an interesting event. Going in, Netflix looked poised to earn its first big victory at an awards show, with several films looking to earn the streaming service some much earned recognition. By the time the smoke cleared however, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association sent a clear message to them, you’re still not welcome here.


Rocketman Now Available On Bluray

After being one of the box office hits this spring, Rocketman is now available on Bluray, and if you didn’t catch it at the theater, you should probably pick up a copy and check it out as soon as possible.


Watch The First Trailer For The Elton John Biopic Rocketman

There’s been a lot of talk about the upcoming Elton John biopic Rocketman, and now that the first trailer is out, it’s not hard to see why.