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Who Are The Royal Godparents Going To Be?

Now that baby George has a name and title, Kate Middleton and Prince William now need to appoint Godparents for their royal baby. So who will be the godparent of the heir to the throne? Here are the top nominees.


Kate Winslet’s Honeymoon in Space?

Rumour has it that Richard Branson has gifted Kate Winslet and her new husband Ned Rocknroll a honeymoon in space.


Celebrities Who Turned Down Dancing With The Stars

We’ve had a few days to digest the latest cast of Dancing With The Stars, and all ready critics and fans are saying it’s going to be a showdown between Brandi and Jennifer Grey. Could it have been different though? Of course. ABC asks many different celebrities to be on the show. We all ready know that Kirstie Alley turned them down, but who else is in the list?