movies released

Movies Opening January 20th, 2012

Most Januarys are pretty mediocre when it comes to movies, and this one has been no exception. This week’s new releases are another mishmash of genres that all pretty much seem to be leaning towards action. There’s a fourth movie in a series, a straight action flick, a modern day adaptation of a Shakespeare play and a World War II air battle movie.


Movies Opening Week Of December 23rd

This week movies are opening almost every day. Two have opened before Friday, one opens on Friday, and two open on Christmas Day. Yes, you read that right, two movies open on a Sunday. It’s an interesting mix, that will also include the wide release of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. Let’s get to it.


Movies Released August 27th, 2010

After seeing multiple movies released each and every week throughout the summer only two new movies hit the theaters this weekend. One’s an action/crime movie and the other is a horror movie.