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Are The Days Of Watching Films In The Theatre Over?

The current pandemic has already changed a lot in our lives, and when it’s all over with things may continue to be different. If recent events have taught us anything, people have gotten used to watching new films in the comfort of their own home and may start skipping the high-priced cost of seeing a film in public. Part of the decision may not even be their own.


How Long Will It Take For The Entertainment Industry To Rebound?

With the Covid-19 Pandemic in full force, and all entertainment facilities closed, the industry is taking a big hit right now. Blockbuster films, sporting events, concerts, theatre productions and anything else that relies on large gatherings have been cancelled for the foreseeable future. Several questions are raised by the virus, but the one on everyone’s mind is this, when will it end, and unfortunately at this time nobody knows. The next question, for the entertainment industry anyway, is when it does end, how long will it take for things to rebound?