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Zoe Kravitz Set To Star As Catwoman in The Batman

One of the stars of Big Little Lies, Zoe Kravitz, has signed on to play Catwoman in the upcoming The Batman film alongside Robert Pattinson. At this point it’s not known if she will play the main antagonist, or if she will be the love interest of Batman. In the comics, and the films, Catwoman has played both roles. 


Jason Momoa To Join Dune Reboot

Dune is shaping up to be the next big franchise, and now the huge all-star cast is set to be getting even bigger.


“Frontier” Star Jessica Matten Discusses Her Character, Honouring Her Culture & Working With Jason Momoa

Jessica Matten, a Canadian born actress from Edmonton, Alberta is devoted to honouring her native culture as she stars in Frontier. While playing an inspiring role of Sokanon, an Indigenous warrior, Matten brings fourth an interesting edge that is rooted from her own personal identity. With the recent release of Frontier’s second season, Real Style got a chance to speak with Jessica Matten about it.